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Rolling Strut Double Slide Rail

For heavy duty applications and excavations up to 12m wide and 10m deep

Rolling Strut Double Slide Rail Rolling Strut Double Slide Rail 3D
  • High load capacity for challenging ground conditions
  • High rigidity reduces risk of settlement outside the trench
  • Variable strut positions allow maximum access for installation of long or large diameter pipes and culverts
  • Large plate lengths available giving up to 5.5m clearance between struts
  • Maximum clearance available below the strut is 3.7m by design
Specification Base Top Ext
Plate Length (m) 4.0 4.0
Plate Height 2.4 1.4
Plate Thickness (mm) 107 107
Assembled System Length (m) 4.25 4.25
Slide Rail Length (m) 5.5 3.0
Rolling Carriage Width (m) 0.62 0.62
Plate Weight (kg) 1010 650
Slide Rail Weight (kg) 1170 650
Rolling Carriage Weight (kg) 490 490

System weight dependant on box configuration - refer to the Technical Team